Introducing our Brand New Podcast: The Leading Edge

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The mission of the LEAD Network is to attract, retain and advance women in the Consumer Goods and Retail Industry, and we’re working towards our goal alongside an incredible group of Partner companies, Members and Volunteers. We’re pleased to announce the launch of The Leading Edge, our brand-new podcast that explores strategies for advancing gender equity and inclusion in the workplace, through innovative ideas and insightful conversations. Our aim is to bring the world of DEI to life, providing you with practical advice in an engaging medium.  

In each episode, our hosts are joined by leaders from the Consumer Goods and Retail Industry who are making a tangible impact on creating a more inclusive world. Our first season features guests from companies like Unilever, Asahi and Diageo, amongst many others.  

The Leading Edge podcast explores everything from advancing next-gen talents and making workplaces future-fit, to how finding our purpose leads to personal fulfillment and collective progress. We bring together content from all corners of the Network and share it out in a fun, inspiring, short-format way, bringing visibility and recognition to the voices of our network, including our Members, Volunteers, senior leaders, Chapter leaders, Partner companies, and our central team, many of whom are experts in their own right. 

Meet our hosts 

The Leading Edge podcast is hosted by Allyson Zimmermann and Sarah McGowan. Allyson Zimmermann is CEO of LEAD Network, and has dedicated almost two decades in the DEI space, working with a group of companies in CPG, Retail, and other industries. Sarah McGowan is a Strategic Advisor and HR Consultant, with over 25 years of talent & DEI experience in the retail and CPG industry.  

“Welcome to our new podcast – we’re thrilled to have you here. Our podcast was born out of the passion to give voice to the changemakers in the world who are doing their part in creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace.”  Allyson Zimmermann 


“The LEAD Network is a vibrant community with many people who can provide deep insights on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work that is critical to companies in our industry. I’m thrilled to co-host our new Leading Edge podcast, along with Allyson, where we can highlight and bring visibility to many of these voices!” Sarah McGowan   

 You can listen to The Leading Edge here.

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in bringing our podcast to life, including our podcast producer Julien Manuguerra-Patten, and the LEAD Network central team. 

About LEAD Network 

The LEAD Network is a non-profit organisation with a mission to attract, retain and advance women in the Consumer Goods & Retail industry creating sustainable business value.  With over 19,000 Members and 66 corporate Partners, we are committed to building a diverse and equitable workforce where everyone can contribute and grow, and organisations thrive. It’s free to become a Member, and you can sign up by visiting our website 

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