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Dedicated networks of executives making faster progress towards gender equality.

A platform fuelled by our Members

The LEAD Network Member Platform is a dedicated space for all our Members, including C-Suite executives, DEI leaders, HR professionals, and changemakers across the industry, to connect and share.

For DEI and HR Professionals

DEI Community

An active community that connects you with allies, near and far, to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry. Unlock our value-packed workshops, panel discussions, learn from industry changemakers, and amplify your efforts towards diversity.

  • Join over 5k+ active community members

  • Stay up to date with your peers

  • Access resources, case studies, and our DEI library

  • Attend virtual and in-person events

For C-Suite Leaders & Executives

C-Suite Community

An engaged community of like-minded people meets twice a year at our CEO Roundtables, where we facilitate relevant peer-to-peer conversations in a safe, ‘cameras off’ environment. These events are highly ranked by participations for their inspiring and thought provoking insights.

  • Active network of senior transformation leaders

  • Exchange of powerful insights and leading practices

  • Peer-to-peer conversations for relationship building

  • Visibility as a thought leader in your organisation

For C-Suite Leaders

DEI resources to compliment your journey

Anti-bias Assessment

Explore your own leadership behaviours related to bias in the workplace and identify practical actions to break through bias.

Journey to 50/50™

The Journey to 50/50™ series is part of our commitment to sharing best practices among industry leaders. It aims to capture top-level insights for CEOs, by CEOs, to inspire those who are traveling a similar path.

CEO Roundtables

We organise regular CEO Roundtables. Their objective is to start an active dialogue among CEOs and trigger action at an individual, company, and industry level. After each Roundtable, we produce a report with actionable insights.

Gender Diversity Scorecard

Developed in collaboration with EY and conducted bi-annually, the Scorecard provides unique data on the sector’s progress towards gender equality.

DE&I Benchmark Report

A free downloadable report that shares the most innovative, best practices which have driven some of the most significant organisational leaps the last two years.

CEO Pledge

A public pledge to accelerate gender parity and drive inclusion in the European Retail & CPG value chain.

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Through our ecosystem of communities, educational offerings, and events, we provide a unique infrastructure companies need to sustain change towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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