Our network of Volunteers support our work in championing diverse workforces.



By and for our Members

Making a difference

LEAD Network is a dynamic non-profit volunteer-led organisation, run by and for our Members.

Our community of 400+ Volunteers, joining us from companies across the industry, make a significant and positive impact in many way – from being part of our Chapter Committees, to supporting on strategic projects and initiatives with energy, passion and humility.

“In the past two years, we experienced low energy levels, balancing professional and family life was challenging, and social life was limited. And this was when I started to volunteer in the Marketing Committee actively. It has been an amazing journey full of new learnings, inspirational discoveries, small and big victories in the course of projects where I was privileged to be involved. I’m endlessly grateful to all the women and men that l’ve met in this network. To contribute to the LEAD Network mission fulfils my days with greater meaning! Thank you, LEAD.”

Aleksandra Indykina

Nestlé Volunteer

Volunteering for the LEAD Network means a great opportunity to expand my network, get inspired by amazing leaders, know to be a better manager, and build a stronger team by appreciating gender diversity and the multiple benefits that bring to my organization and me. During my time at the LEAD Network, I’ve had the chance to exchange experiences and learnings with great industry leaders and met many colleagues around the globe with similar interests. It is an extreme payback for a small contribution to make the world and the industry better and fairer.”

Eduardo Delgado

Reckitt Volunteer

Volunteer spotlight

“My experience with the LEAD Network Digital Chapter has been extraordinary. We’ve launched impactful initiatives like the CIO Roundtable and Digital Skills Academy, started a Female Story Podcast series, and I am especially proud to have spearheaded the landmark Ukrainian Women in IT event. This culminated in the honour of being named 2023 Volunteer of the Year alongside Sarah Williams & Julieta Hermosilla.”

Wayne Peacock

Digital Chapter Volunteer

“Volunteering with LEAD Network reinforces the power of collective action. I’m excited to inspire others to join us in creating a more inclusive world. Let’s uplift and empower each other on this journey. Special thanks to Angeliki Kazantzidi and Charmaine England at Kenvue for believing in me.”

Julieta Hermosilla Rafecas

Julieta Hermosilla Rafecas


Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

If you are interested helping us make a difference, reach out and we can share with you what specific skills and support we are looking for to complement our teams.

  • Develop your personal & professional skills in a variety of areas

  • Connect and expand your professional network

  • Build valuable relationships with your peers across the industry

  • Enhance your company’s visibility while distinguishing it as a thought leader