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Our Chapters

Regional and functional networking groups that inspire, educate, and connect.

Geographical Chapters

Geographical Chapters are spread across Europe, from Spain to Sweden. You don’t have to be based in the country to become a member of a specific Chapter. Many Chapters also hold virtual events, in both English and local languages.

Functional Chapters

Functional Chapters are digital communities centred around a theme rather than location. Most functional Chapters hold their events virtually, meaning anyone across Europe can join.


Empowering the younger generation of professionals to grow into authentic, human, real business leaders.

Supply Chain

Sharing best practices on building a career in Supply Chain and how to motivate employees in their roles.


Inspiring and engaging females to spark an interest in a career in the world of digital and IT.


Sharing negotiation tools, insights and resources that to contribute to a more equitable Sales workforce.

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